Unfortunately at the moment, due to patient demand, we are unable to accept any new patients. We hope that this will change in the future and will update our website accordingly.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Currently we only bulk bill Pension cardholders. You can see a full breakdown of our fees as well as our Pricing Policy here.

Please be aware that we do not bulk bill any patients for appointments on Saturday mornings and patients also incur a $5 surcharge for these appointments.

When you register as a new patient, we don’t automatically gain access to your previous health information. We can sometimes access limited information with your permission through “My Health Record” if you have one.

To ensure that we have all the information we need to continue your care safely and seamlessly, you can request a transfer of your records by completing this form. Our receptionist will send this to your previous clinic who will transfer your records for inclusion in your Middle Island Medical Clinic file. Sometimes your previous clinic may charge a fee in order to do this transfer.

Under the Health Information Act, services have up to 5 weeks to send through requested information. If you anticipate joining our clinic, it can be helpful to arrange to arrange the transfer of your Medical Records prior to your first appointment with us.

Similarly, if you are leaving us please pass the details of our clinic to the clinic where you are going so that they can liaise with us to ensure that we are able to transfer your medical records across. We always want to ensure that your new clinic have everything they need in order to take over your care seamlessly.


The doctors and nurses at Temple Hills Medical Centre will gladly talk through any concerns you have about the available vaccines given your current and previous medical conditions. The available vaccines have been found to be safe and effective and we encourage all patients who are eligible to book an appointment so that they can be fully immunised.


We offer both phone and video consultations. Our doctors have found that most consultations can be conducted over telephone; however, we can arrange a video consultation upon request.

It is a good idea to specify at the time you book whether you would prefer a video or telephone consultation for your appointment.

Our Saturday clinic is predominantly for urgent issues that have developed recently in circumstances where you can't wait until Monday to see your doctor rather than routine care best addressed when the full clinic is up and running throughout the week.

As such, we believe it's important to remunerate our staff for the sacrifice they make on a weekend to provide this service. If you are experiencing financial hardship, but require urgent care on a Saturday, please discuss this with our staff.

Generally, when we receive your test results you will be sent a SMS text message which will either indicate that you should book an appointment with the doctor to discuss them or that the results are satisfactory and the doctor will discuss them with you are your next routine appointment.

Please contact reception if you have any questions or are unsure what to do.

We understand that life happens and that sometimes you aren't able to make it to an appointment that you have booked. Please provide us with as much notice as possible. Please note that there may be a fee if you do not give us more than two hours notice. If you fail to attend an appointment without cancelling your appointment then there will be a $30 fee for Standard Appointments or a $50 fee for Long Consultations. No further appointments will be made until the fee is paid.

Still have questions?

Please give us a call or send us message and we will do our best to resolve any confusion.